My first Documentary is Coming Soon

My first Documentary is Coming Soon

Early this month, I started a video project focusing on non-profit art organizations. In specific, I will focus on Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) as an example to show the missions of a non-profit art organization, and how it works in the area of art education. As an intern at CPAC now, I have some experience on how to manage a non-profit art organization. Recently the resignation of my director helped me rethink the sustainability of non-profit art organizations in a new level, which is why I chose this topic. As an international student from China, it is my first time to engage in the area of non-profit art education. Back in Beijing where I live, there are no non-profit photographic art organizations, and people have less access to learn about fine art photography. My intern experience in CPAC is a chance for me to learn the management of non-profit art organization and I would like to record what I learned. In two weeks, I will finish the final video and share it with you. Do not miss it!

Below is a YouTube link of the draft of my documentary. Enjoy!


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