VSCOcam Smartphone Photo App

VSCOcam Smartphone Photo App

As more and more people use smartphones to take photos instead of heavy lenses, it is good to have some professional photo editing tools in your smartphone. Based on my smartphone shooting experience, I would suggest VSCOcam as my primary editing tool. most people use Instagram, but you just choose a style or a filter. It cannot show your creativity and your original sense of a photograph.  My point is that a professional photo editing tool does not just allow you to choose filters and other adjustments, it helps you create your own style of photographs. Besides filters, VSCOcam also includes exposure, contrast, shadow and highlight adjustments, temperature, rotate, crop, face, vignette, tint, sharpen and so on.

Below is one photograph I edited with VSCOcam. Go to my instagram to see more of my smartphone photos. I hope you enjoy it!


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