Kahn & Selesnick

Kahn & Selesnick

Last week I went to this year’s SPE (Society of Photographic Education) National Conference in Baltimore as a student volunteer. The conference is about collaborative exchange, and I really enjoy the ending lecture by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick.

IMG_0743Image retrieved from http://kahnselesnick.biz/http/wwwkahnselesnickcom/abouthtm/

Together they create panorama projects including diverse sources like nature, architecture, literature, history, and even outer space. Go to their website to see their fabulous photos. http://www.kahnselesnick.com/

Each of their panorama photographs is created by combing a lot of photos shot at the same scene. When they show their panorama photos on the screen from left to right,  I felt like each of their panoramas is like a short movie. It is magic.

Photography is always related to other forms of art. To shoot a photo, you do not just record the scene, but also create a scene. Teamwork is a must if you want to create scenes for your photographs. Collaborative photo projects are amazing because the shooting experience with other co-workers will be a good memory for you. Go get your photo projects ideas and find your partners!


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