Poll Results

Poll Results

Thanks everyone who have voted in the poll. Below is the result I got.


Most people would like to have travel related photo projects. Who doesn’t like to travel? I was not surprised that no one chose commercials or fashion. Those two categories require more professional cameras and photo skills. Teamwork is also one important aspect for the last two. Unlike fashion photography, fine art photographers and photojournalists have more freedom to pursue their shooting goals. Their projects are more independent.

If I chose, then I would probably go with photojournalism. I do not always want to be a traveler. Travel photography is beautiful, but it makes me feel like an outsider. I want to record the lives of people, their slices of life. I want to find my connections with a place and the people in that place. On the other side, fine art photography seems a little bit distant for the general public. Sometimes fine art photographs are too abstract to understand.

Starting next week, I will share different photo projects of different areas. Each photo type is connected to each other. The preference for a specific type of photography is just one thing, the most important thing is that you know what you are shooting for—the meaning of photographs.



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